JERPAT Web Hosting delivers top quality, world class services to clients all over the world! We accomplish this by serving our customers with the highest quality equipment, knowledgeable support staff and reliable service that can’t be beat.

The majority of today’s society doesn’t realize that really makes a reliable and high performance web hosting service. The biggest difference in delivering top quality service, is the server’s components and its infrastructure. Once you have these two ideas stretched to the fullest potential, the rest will follow. Take a look below to see what we have done to make our service above and beyond the standard.


Many of our competitors are offering enormous amounts of features, such as high disk space allowance or bandwidth usage at ridiculously low prices. To make this happen, corners must be cut, but here at JERPAT Web Hosting we do everything but that! We are dedicated to deliver the fastest and most reliable servers. To keep this policy going, we use the following hardware in all of our shared servers. We wouldn’t even think about settling for anything less! Keep in mind that servers will only be as fast as their slowest component. For example, if you have an IDE drive versus a SCSI, then that might be your slowest component which could hurt your server’s performance.

  1. Dual Pentium and Xeon Processors
  2. 512MB – 2GB Ram
  3. 18 – 36 GB IBM Ultra160 SCSI Hard Drives (10 & 15,000 RPM)
  4. Apache over Free BSD 4.0
  5. All Servers Run Raid 5
  6. Dual 100 Mbps Ethernet Cards
  7. 100% Burstable On 10 Gbps Network
  8. Extremely LOW Users Per Machine Ratio
  9. CPU Monitored 24/7


One of our strongest aspects, is our reputation for extremely fast and accurate customer support responses. Because we use a ticket based support system, we have been able to respond to inquires within 15 minutes, on 95% of all requests. Not only do we have an extremely fast response time, our customers get a personal touch instead of becoming just a number. All communication conducted between us and our clients is stored in a database for future assistance and better service.


When dealing with an online business, your web site is your storefront. If your site isn’t up 100% of the time, you are losing potential customers, which could mean a lost in sales! We understand that you are putting your business on the line, and are trusting us to deliver you the best service anyone can expect. With that in mind, we have integrated the following features into our datacenter to maximize our server’s performance and reliability.


  1. Daily Backups (both on and off site)
  2. Pass-card Protected Entrances
  3. Video Surveillance Cameras
  4. Multiple Alarm Systems
  5. 24/7 On Duty Security Guards
  6. Two 25-ton Liebert HVAC Systems
  7. One 40-ton Airedale HVAC Systems
  8. Raised Static-Proof Flooring
  9. In Floor Ventilation
  10. 6 Cabling for 1Gb/s Networking
  11. Dual Halon Fire Suppression
  12. UPS & Natural Gas Generators
  13. Climate Controlled Server Rooms


  1. One GigE (1,000 Mbs)
  2. 2 OC12s (620 Mbps each)
  3. One OC3 (155 Mbs)
  4. One OC192 self-heal SONET ring (10Gbs)
  5. Cisco Routers & Switches
  6. Fiber Optic Network Connectivity
  7. Cisco Powered Network

Our number one priority is you. We do not plan on becoming the largest web hosting company or the one offering the most features for the lowest price. What we are concerned with is delivering you the most reliable and highest quality service you can possibly get. Take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee and find out what quality web hosting is all about!

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